Our Team


Jeffrey W. Tyo – President

Jeff has been the President of Perras Companies since 2007. Under his guidance the company has grown tremendously and has had much success. Jeff’s vision for the future is to continue to improve Northern New York and to serve each and every client with the highest quality of work and satisfaction on each and every job site.


Wayne K. Tyo – Vice President

Wayne, former President of Perras Companies from 1986 until 2007. After stepping down as President and gladly accepting a position as Vice President, Wayne continues to give advice when needed and helps with large company decisions.


Scott McRoberts – Vice President & Project Manager

Scott joined Perras Companies in 2002 and has been successfully managing projects ever since. Scott earned a degree in civil and environmental engineering from Clarkson University. As Senior Project Manager and an Estimator, Scott is heavily involved in many of our projects and a valuable asset to Perras Companies.


Dan Dinneen – Senior Project Estimator & Project Manager

Dan has been with the Perras team since 2016. Dan received a degree in Civil Engineering from Clarkson University. Since Dan’s time with Perras Companies his position as Senior Project Estimator and being a Project Manager has proven to be a key role in the company’s success.


Rene Hart – Safety Manager

Rene has been the Health and Safety Manager for Perras Companies since 2003. He has led our team through 1.6 million man hours with only 3 lost time incidents since 2003. Rene continues to evolve our health and safety protocol so that our employees have the safest work environment possible. Rene has helped create a culture at Perras Companies that always puts safety first.


Carolyn Labaff – Office Manager

Carolyn has been a dedicated employee to Perras Companies since 1990. Carolyn has shown proficiency in all phases of the financial operations, employee payroll and office managing all within our office facility, which has allowed for Perras Companies to continue to thrive throughout the years.