“Zero in on Safety”

At Perras Companies, safety comes first, it is a core value and daily behaviors reflect the importance of safety. Perras Companies safety culture empowers every individual to evaluate their work environment and provide safety-based observations. Consistent investment into our safety program is a priority and we are committed to providing the right people, equipment and training necessary for Every Project. Every Task. Every Day. No Exceptions.

Perras Companies behavioral-based safety incentive program is specifically designed to address the risks found in the excavating, environmental and construction industries. All employees working on a new job site are required to complete site specific training to address hazards that are unique to a specific job site. Also employees must participate in daily toolbox meetings each morning to address possible safety concerns for activities happening on that specific day.

Perras Companies invests in routine upgrades to our safety equipment and certifies individuals in many safety aspects which apply to OSHA standards and beyond, to provide proper education and define guidelines for safe operations. Perras Companies safety managers have successfully lead our team through $400 million worth of completed construction projects.